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"I am 70 years old and was facing the 1st surgery of my life in which the surgeon’s statement to me was reattaching my shoulder’s tendons might not be possible due to the severity of the tear.  My stress level was heightened exponentially!

I learned that Sue at Hansa Wellness provided a Surgery Preparation Course and realized I needed to take it as my anxiety was taking over.  I also knew I would be in good hands as Sue had successfully helped me with back pain in the past.

She gave me a thorough consultation and explanation of what to expect in great detail which began to release some stress.  We then began to prepare.  She explained my patient rights, gave me explicit details about the actual process, and guided me through positive outcome visualizations.  Knowing I am in control was empowering.  Beginning to no longer feel like a victim changed Everything for me.  I could literally feel the anxiety melt away. 

Sue explained that I could choose my anesthesiologist, ask for affirmations to be read by my medical team, and have inspirational music played before and after the surgery.  This bolstered my confidence.  She helped me with wording and choices throughout the process which was extremely valuable. 

Sue’s guidance and support throughout this entire process, before, during, and after my surgery was priceless!  Many around me were quick to share how painful shoulder surgery is, including my primary care physician.  Thanks to Sue, my experience was positive; I truly had no pain and my healing process was shorter and with ease."          - Rhonda McGlinn M. Ed.

"Sue Cacibauda is an amazing healer. She helped me get rid of energy in my body that kept me stuck in dysfunctional patterns. She also helped me uncover the unconscious thoughts that held those patterns in place. She is very caring and giving, and you'll immediately feel at ease. Be ready for a life-changing experience with this gifted healer."

Sue, a registered nurse for nearly thirty years and a massage therapist, was making a huge career shirt. From being a medical/physical care giver she would become an energy healing practitioner. She was taking her life's passion - helping others - to a higher level by educating, facilitating and giving to others the life changing process of self care. This was a perfect next step for her and for me too. I volunteered immediately!

From the very beginning of Sue's student practice she opened my eyes to see life's possibilities and my heart to receive all my good. Our sessions together - each a wonderful opportunity for acceptance, for learning and growing - continue today to bring more clarity and purpose, faith, healing and joy into my life. I appreciate her so much.

When I look back and think of how far I have come with Sue's guidance, her remarkable teaching, her compassion, and the miraculous gift of healing she possesses and so generously, so graciously gives to all. I am overwhelmed. 

Being what's personal, in relationship with ourselves and others, in what's broken - like our spirit, self confidence, our heart - and in what's needed in our lives...plays a large part, I believe, in "the unavoidable ambiguity of being human".

Being stuck and experiencing the pain and depression accompanying it makes us afraid to seek help, afraid to trust and to go deeply within and feel safe doing so - this we must do in order to realize our true selves, regain our strength and restore our inner health and well being.

Six years ago I was very sick emotionally and physically challenged as well. At the same time my dear friend, Sue Cacibauda, was looking for willing participants to work with her throughout an intensive four-year study program - Brennan Healing Science. I am overjoyed too and grateful beyond measure for Sue's loving gentle presence, her peace and power, her inner light and insight and for the inspiration she is to me. 

I recommend Sue Cacibauda to anyone - to everyone!         - Darla McKenna

My experience with Sue was most helpful on many levels.  


Before meeting Sue I had had many surgeries over the last few years.  In October, 2017 I was having my 2nd. knee replacement.  The first went well in March of 2017, but this time I was also having the removal of screws bothering me from a fractured rt. hip surgery May 2016.  The hip had healed, so the screws could be removed.


Even though I was assured that my hip would be fine, I was still nervous about this operation.  This is when I met Sue at a lecture she was giving.  I immediately felt a calmness and warmth about her and during her talk I found out she had a Heal Faster:  Surgery Preparation Class.  Her class consisted of 


1. Relax to Feel Peaceful

2. Visualize your Recovery

3. Allow Support

4. Use Healing Words

5. Practice, practice, and practice


She helped tremendously to relieved my doubts, was very patient and took her TIME with me.  I never felt rushed and always left her sessions feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and  positive.            - Ann Frohlich

Sue is a talented healer.  She lives her life centered in the principles she shares. Her energy healing and surgery preparation helped me tremendously as I prepared for major surgery and also as I went through recovery.  With years of experience in the medical field, as well as the healing arts, she brings her abilities to every session.  Her compassion and knowledge work together for good!                                                     - Sally Young


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