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(see forms section)


Your session begins with a consultation  to determine your area of concern. Sue will ask you to read, sign, and return the following forms: 

  1. The Client Introductory Letter which explains what to expect in a session.

  2. You will then complete a Client Information Form which includes your health history and what you'd like to achieve in your sessions.

  3. Next you will read  Preparation for Your Healing Session.  Once these forms are complete you will schedule an initial healing session with Sue which currently is done remotely.  

Remote healing is extremely effective and is done on zoom. 



Your healing session will begin with speaking your intention and clarifying your area of concern. This may be physical, mental, or emotional. The chelation (healing method) is done on a massage table or place of comfort in your home. You do not need to remove clothes, only your shoes.

Sue will start by centering and grounding herself before touching both your feet, changing hand positions to rest on the joints and energy centers to allow energy to flow where it wants to flow. Once the body is balanced, Sue will work on the specific area of concern to clear, balance, and/or release energy blocks using Brennan Healing skills and intention.

When the healing is complete you may rest to integrate the healing. Most people report a deep sense relaxation, light and airy feeling quality in their body. After the healing you will want to re-ground to connect yourself to the Earth. It is best to stay in the subtle energy expansion and not plan activities post healing.  A few days after the healing you may want to contact Sue to discuss any new awareness or sensations you may have experienced during or after the healing.

Reiki Treatment
Brain Balancing Technique
Used to relieve headaches and other 6th chakra conditions.
Female therapist performing Reiki therapy treatment holding hands over woman's stomach. Al
Practitioner allows Source energy to flow through her hands to clear, balance, or charge the client's field.
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