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Energy medicine suggests that the body’s energy system is a key element to maintaining health and vitality. When the body’s energy system becomes imbalanced and blocked, illness can result. By channeling Source energy and Earth energy through the Energy Healing Practitioner to the client, these blockages are energetically removed and the body starts to function as it is designed to. An Energy Healing Practitioner is trained to become sensitive to locating these energy blocks and help release them. Once this happens it enhances the body’s own innate healing.

By Appointment & Referral
  • Energy Healing-Chelation (balances, clears, and charges the human energy field)
  • Remote Healing (by zoom, Skype, or phone)

  • Hara Healing for trauma & realignment with souls longing and purpose

  • Identify and reframe images for positive results

  • Prepare Energy Field pre-operatively

  • Repair Energy Field post-operatively

  • Clear ancestral cords, replace with positive energy.

  • Facilitate:  Hands of Light workshop, Heal Faster, Surgery Prep workshop.

  • Brennan Integration Work (Body-Mind psychotherapy)


Beginning January 2023

  • Free initial  30 minute consultation and needs assessment

  • Initial Healing Session:  90 minutes/$120.

  • Follow-up one hour healing session:  $100.

  • Heal Faster, Surgery Prep private session:  90 minute workshop $120.  (includes relaxation recording).

  • Pre-op Energy Field preparation:  60 minute $100.

  • Post-op Energy Field repair:  60 minute $100.

  • Pre and Post Operative Healings at Hospital Facility: $120.

  • Professional discount 10% for health care providers and massage therapists.

Payment Due at Time of Service

Pay Pal/Venmo/Zelle

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